November 08, 2015

Last week I went to see Chanel's Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. I had been talking about seeing this exhibition since it opened, but every time I went there the line outside the exhibition was just enormous, girl from my school waited 1,5h to GET IN to this exhibition... Probably every fashionista in London wanted to see it and so did I. So last Tuesday me and Cece decided to go there little bit before it opened and the line was already then about 100m, luckily it moved quickly and we were inside in no time! 

This exhibition was totally worth of seeing! It started already outside the Gallery with a english garden and first thing when you got inside was Coco Chanel's apartment and this was virtually showed on your phone! It was so smart that they had made an app for the exhibition and when you went inside with the app it showed information about different installations. This exhibition was giving a little glimpse inside Chanel's closed doors and they are starting to interact more with the customers, which is nice that they are giving opportunity to everyone to experience Chanel.



November 06, 2015

Hi my lovely friends that are reading this blog!
It's been exact month since I lasted posted here and it's been on my mind to write here, but I have been so exhausted because of uni. Next couple of weeks I have a group work that needs to be done and I really need to start with my learning log as well and I need to do that essay.. I NEED to get better in time managing. 

Today I've been so lazyy and haven't gotten anything done.. Weather was all gloomy and rainy so no wonder I stayed in bed all day today! 


 Ph. by Heidi


October 06, 2015

Last Friday after school I met a new friend of mine called Heidi! It is so nice to meet Finnish people here in London because I feel often that we are always a bit similar and it is easy to talk about everything. Me and Heidi had some coffee at Marble Arch and took some pictures afterwards in front of the arch. The pictures turned out great and Heidi is super good photographer! I'm not entirely happy with my outfit but that day I just wanted to wear something comfortable and easy.. Go check Heidi's blog --->  http://searchingforlbd.blogspot.co.uk/



Ph. by Heidi


October 05, 2015

It's been a long time since I wrote here but a lot has happened this week! 

If feel like my brains are not working atm (it's Monday and first lectures behind, so no wonder)... So long story a bit more shorter! Last week I've been on a weekend getaway in Wittering that is located in South of England. It was a great relaxing weekend and we had lot of sun, walks by the beach and I even went to swim for couple of times. No water is too cold for a finn! 

Wednesday I finally got to move to my own place, which is a room close to Pimlico road. People in Finland are super lucky with their apartments and I no longer want to hear any complains about your apartments. Come to London and see how rest of the world are living.. I've heard so many horror stories about the apartments in London and I'm so lucky I got my apartment so quick and in good price. My apartment is located close to Pimlico Road and it like 5 min walk from Chelsea, which is beautiful are to live!

My school started last week as well and I've been waiting for that for so long! Our first day was on Thursday and we had couple lectures about school and opportunities and so on. Since the first lecture I've known that I'm in the right school, all the teachers are so nice and inspiring. I've also joined some societies at our uni to fill my free time and it is really important to get your mind of school and relax. 

Yesterday I'm went to Ikea to buy some stuff for my room and todays it's been lectures all day, but good thing is that Pontus is coming here on Wednesday!!!! I want to get all the reading done before Pontus comes so I can relax with him the whole weekend. It's going to be a busy week now that all the lectures have started and yeah, but I'll try to come write here how it is going! :)

Have a great Monday, CHEERS!


Day 4 and it's finally sunny!

September 17, 2015

I'm in LONDON! I'm here and I have been here for 4 days now, woohoo! Last week was super nice and I was a lot with Pontus and my friends. Pontus had planned a surprise party for me on Wednesday and I was totally clueless when I opened the door! Pontus had called around and invited all the people that I care in one place for the last time before I left, I was so taken. 

Couple days after the surprise party we had a small crayfish party at Löparö and it was a success! Crayfish, lots of dance, laugh, skinny dipping and more dancing.. Perfect way to end the summer and say goodbye to all my lovely friends, I miss them so much! 

So on Monday 14th I flew here and well.. the trip didn't start that well.. The night before my flight I didn't sleep at all and I was constantly feeling nausea and anxious. I just felt all the pressure and stress coming together and I just couldn't handle it. So when we were at the airport I felt like I was going crazy and I can't stay still and was feeling awful. It took me a long time to get calm and get me to the plane. The airport and plane staff was so helpful and kind and took care of me after Pontus had to say goodbye. But after that fiasco everything has been alright. 

The past four days has just flown by so quickly! It is already Thursday and tomorrow starts weekend! I have couple friends visiting here so I've spent time with them and I got an apartment yesterday, which seems to be a record :D I get to move into my room 1st of October and meanwhile I'm living at Barnes. I've been going around London a lot and finally I've learned the tube system and I actually helped a girl today to find her tube... You could say that I'm becoming a Londoner when I'm helping other people with tube, haha! 

There are amazing museums around London and I warmly recommend Victoria and Albert Museum. It is incredible! The building it self is a huge monument and all the exhibition they got are amazing! So far I've been at VAM, Natural History Museum and Saatchi Gallery and tomorrow I've thought about going to National Museum and National Portrait Museum. 

I haven't really felt homesick yet.. but I guess that comes after a month when I get use to the idea that I'm not here on holiday :D I'll be writing here soon again! 

Good night my friends! 


7 days

September 07, 2015

Next Monday at this time I'll be in London.. I'm starting to get really nervous about London and I feel that I can't really enjoy my last days. I still got things that I need to get done this week and the time is running out, my own fault because I didn't do anything during the summer and I left all the important stuff for the last week.. My stress level is so high right now and  I'm probably gonna get a heart attack soon. 

Anyway it is my last week and I'm going to spend it with Pontus and friends. We are having a small crayfish party on Friday for the closest friends and I'm so excited about that! All the parties that we have had have been very successful. It looks like it's going to be a sunny weather for the weekend, I hope it doesn't change! 


Introducing: Roosa

August 29, 2015

Hello there,

So my name is Roosa, 22 and I'm originally from Finland but living in Stockholm, Sweden at the moment. Two and half a year ago I moved to Sweden to work as an au pair in a family of seven, which was pretty crazy year but I met my boyfriend Pontus and I decided to stay here. Past year and a half I've been working in different clothing stores in Stockholm and after that I've done an internship at Carin Wester. Working at Carin Wester made me realize that this it what I really want to do and I started pursue that dream! 

I got into the school where I wanted and the school is called London College of Fashion and I'm starting my bachelor degree in Fashion Management. I'm super excited and I never thought that I would come into my dream school. It felt so amazing when I got to know that I got in! 

It is two weeks until I'm moving to London and I'm starting to get a bit stressed.. And what it comes to my blog content, I'm just gonna go with the flow!  

I'm bad at writing so we'll see how this is gonna turn out :D