Introducing: Roosa

August 29, 2015

Hello there,

So my name is Roosa, 22 and I'm originally from Finland but living in Stockholm, Sweden at the moment. Two and half a year ago I moved to Sweden to work as an au pair in a family of seven, which was pretty crazy year but I met my boyfriend Pontus and I decided to stay here. Past year and a half I've been working in different clothing stores in Stockholm and after that I've done an internship at Carin Wester. Working at Carin Wester made me realize that this it what I really want to do and I started pursue that dream! 

I got into the school where I wanted and the school is called London College of Fashion and I'm starting my bachelor degree in Fashion Management. I'm super excited and I never thought that I would come into my dream school. It felt so amazing when I got to know that I got in! 

It is two weeks until I'm moving to London and I'm starting to get a bit stressed.. And what it comes to my blog content, I'm just gonna go with the flow!  

I'm bad at writing so we'll see how this is gonna turn out :D 


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