October 05, 2015

It's been a long time since I wrote here but a lot has happened this week! 

If feel like my brains are not working atm (it's Monday and first lectures behind, so no wonder)... So long story a bit more shorter! Last week I've been on a weekend getaway in Wittering that is located in South of England. It was a great relaxing weekend and we had lot of sun, walks by the beach and I even went to swim for couple of times. No water is too cold for a finn! 

Wednesday I finally got to move to my own place, which is a room close to Pimlico road. People in Finland are super lucky with their apartments and I no longer want to hear any complains about your apartments. Come to London and see how rest of the world are living.. I've heard so many horror stories about the apartments in London and I'm so lucky I got my apartment so quick and in good price. My apartment is located close to Pimlico Road and it like 5 min walk from Chelsea, which is beautiful are to live!

My school started last week as well and I've been waiting for that for so long! Our first day was on Thursday and we had couple lectures about school and opportunities and so on. Since the first lecture I've known that I'm in the right school, all the teachers are so nice and inspiring. I've also joined some societies at our uni to fill my free time and it is really important to get your mind of school and relax. 

Yesterday I'm went to Ikea to buy some stuff for my room and todays it's been lectures all day, but good thing is that Pontus is coming here on Wednesday!!!! I want to get all the reading done before Pontus comes so I can relax with him the whole weekend. It's going to be a busy week now that all the lectures have started and yeah, but I'll try to come write here how it is going! :)

Have a great Monday, CHEERS!


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